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Investigations are critical to reveal who is responsible for the accident, and to provide proof to establish negligence of the at-fault party.  In some cases, an early investigation can be vitally important to the preservation and collection of important evidence concerning how the accident happened and also violations of trucking rules and regulations.  Keep in mind, the trucking company will request an expert investigation. This is done to prove that you are responsible for the accident, at least to some degree, so they will have to pay lesser damages, if any at all.  A truck accident attorney will be extremely helpful in this area, even if the accident has already occurred.  Your attorney can work backwards in obtaining all of the necessary facts for the case.


Time matters when investigating the evidence.  Documenting the scene early can be vital to show the court how the accident occurred.  Most semis now contain onboard computer chips that document such things as speed, braking, rpms, and hours driven that day.  There are defense parties that have adopted a tactic of trying to place the truck back in service as soon as possible, taking that important evidence away from the victim.  You protect yourself by taking steps early, and hiring a truck accident attorney is a good first step.  Contact us for your free consultation.

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