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The death of a loved one takes an enormous toll on all related friends and family members. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can make matters even more difficult, as doing so is usually a long and arduous ordeal. The family of the deceased may experience a time of extreme financial hardship and may require financial compensation. Truck Accident Lawyers, LLC can make the process easy for you and we are committed to winning due compensation for your wrongful death lawsuit. Here is what to expect from a wrongful death lawsuit.

“Depending on your relationship with the deceased, several types of compensation are available in a wrongful death case.”


Initially, attorneys will investigate all underlying facts related to your wrongful death lawsuit and determine whether or not you have a valid claim. Liability will be assessed and evidence will be gathered to support your wrongful death lawsuit.

Filing a Claim

defendant. The defendant is required to answer promptly with an outline of defense and legal motions may begin. Disputes over evidence or further details about the case usually follow.


Early settlement is possible if liability is extremely clear. Through a process of mediation, a judge can work out a settlement between a plaintiff and a defendant. Early settlement may save both parties from a costly court trial.


If no settlement is reached, the wrongful death lawsuit goes to trial. Both sides present their evidence, call witnesses to the stand, and lay out their legal arguments. A judge or jury will enter a verdict in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant and decide due compensation.


There are several kinds of damages that can be awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit. Loss of wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering are all quantified and paid to the winning plaintiff.

If you feel you have a claim for a wrongful death lawsuit, do not delay in seeking assistance. We offer free consultations and will work diligently around the clock to secure financial compensation for your loss. In the end, nothing will replace the life of a loved one. Truck Accident Lawyers, LLC can only help you seek justice for your loved one’s memory, and help you gain resources to heal. Prompt action is imperative to the success of your wrongful death case. The time to file a claim is limited. Contact us for your free consultation.

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